Irish Lotto Big Winner: Persistence pays for £70k-winning customer

Irish Lotto Winner: Betfred Customer turns 50p to £25,000!

A single mum from Scotland is busy planning what to do with the £70,000 she won at Betfred on the Irish Lotto.

The 40-year-old mother-of-two placed a couple of bets – a five-fold and a Canadian – totalling £1.70 on the numbers 6, 18, 19, 27 and 45 which were all drawn to secure her windfall.

She’s following a family tradition started by her father 35 years ago of playing the numbers game – and she’s stuck with the aforementioned lucky numbers that were decided on over a year ago via a computer-generated lucky dip.

The jubilant winner, who works in the education service in North Lanarkshire, has plans to replace the windows and bathroom at her home, go on a family holiday to Florida and get her son a car.

She said: “Times are tough with the current cost of food and fuel, so I just enjoy a little flutter each week.

“Thank heavens I’ve stuck with it, because now I’ve won this money from such a small stake.

“When I realised all the numbers had been drawn, I just stared at the screen and screamed out in delight.

“We’re all so happy, and we’ve even been talking about maybe getting ourselves a flat in Spain – but we’ll see how things go first.”

Betfred boss Fred Done said:

“Congratulations to this loyal customer who has picked my pocket big time. I’m glad she’s already setting out plans to spend her winnings wisely.”